Important notice

Our factory resumes production on 7 January 2023
 all orders will be delivered 10 to 14 working days afterward.

Our factory is closed from 8 December 2023 until 12 January 2024. All orders will be on hold.

The Large Clutch


Vibrant, one-of-a-kind, and absolutely gorgeous. Our large clutch will set you apart from everyone else no matter where you go. This clutch is made to stand out and take centre stage, just like you. Our clutches are padded with cotton lining, and have a waterproof exterior, but it’s important to not get the interior wet or leave it in direct sunlight.

Product Specifications:

  • Large clutch (L 27cm x H 17.5cm)

  • These are strapless, but you can add a beautiful 8mm leather cord for an additional R95

  • Vibrant Fabric with PVC Protection

Care instructions:
We’ve put just as much attention into the durability of your bag, as we have into the design. Please avoid water and leaving your bag in direct sunlight to keep it in pristine condition. Our products are handmade, and there may be slight variances. This will make each product beautifully unique.