Our factory is closed from 8 December 2023 until 12 January 2024. All orders will be on hold.

Fall in love, make mistakes, play in the rain, and most importantly… buy the bag!

You are so much more than the 9-5, more than your degree and your ambitions. You are a whole person made up of the most incredible parts that unite uniquely. Shouldn’t your bag speak the same language as your personality?

It’s time to turn up the volume and scream with every fibre of your being without saying a word. It’s time to buy the bag that tells the world exactly who you are.

Anna Olyf will bring the colour back into your life, and more than that, we will ignite your fire, inspire your actions, and creatively communicate the woman you have become.

Shouldn’t you have a bag that matches and expresses every single part of your being? We think so… and we know we have exactly what you’re looking for.

Our Current Collection

Current is so essential here… We do small runs of our exquisite designs, telling a different story with each piece of fabric. Each bag follows the same small-scale design process, and our fabrics are chosen for their bold, bright, and vibrant patterns. We love to create unique pieces, so we change the patterns as often as possible. Don’t let the bag of your dreams pass you by… You know which one you fell in love with, so buy the bag, make waves, and be the kind of woman who always makes it happen.

We know how important originality is to you and we want to make sure your bag is as one of a kind as you are.