Fall head over heels with our laid-back styles that seamlessly merge chic aesthetics and thoughtful functionality

Who doesn’t want a bag that suits every occasion? Whether you’re a high-powered executive, an aspiring student, or just starting your journey with accessory self-expressionism, Anna Olyf has covered you. Our line was designed to work with everything, and each piece is made especially for a woman like you—someone born to shake things up.

We’re passionate about bringing key elements together in each design – crafting the perfect blend of easy-going elegance and well-crafted functionality. Our small-scale design runs to ensure that every product reflects exquisite and breathtaking attention to detail. 

Meticulously crafted in South Africa, Anna Olyf aims to grow our brand and, as a result, directly and indirectly, contribute to the local economy.

Every Anna Olyf bag embodies a relaxed and effortless flair while being deliberately functional.

The Story Of Our Creations

We would love to tell you how we woke up one day and the idea behind the Anna Olyf brand just magically came to us… But while that is a beautiful story, it’s not ours.

After spending so much time (and energy) looking for a bag that could tell the story of who she was, our founder wanted to create something that elevated the art of self-expression that every woman should be able to exude from a handbag. Looking for something different, she came across unique elements from different styles and decided to combine them. Today we fuse incredible colour, vibrant fabrics, and aesthetic functionality into one beautiful package.

Anna Olyf aims to make every woman who buys one of our bags feel immediately more expressive while still carrying something beautifully functional for everyday life. Our bags are perfect for women who are always on the go, love to be original, and were born to make waves.

Made to enhance the lives of women who value diversity, originality, and the art of self expression. Each Anna Olyf bag is a work of art just waiting for you to show it off. 

For every bag that is sold 10% will be donated to a local charity in the Free State. Let us know if you want to nominate a local NPO!

Enjoy your bag!!

Never quit your DAYDREAMS! Life is to short! Start that business, make your dreams a reality 🌸

With Love

Anria Leeuwner